quarta-feira, 5 de abril de 2017

"If you stand close to the robot it looks deep into your eyes, 
and there is a terrifyingly disorienting moment 
as you experience yourself as an object in the automaton’s gaze"

"For many visitors, Jordan Wolfson's robot represents a first contact with the most technologically developed and also most disturbing robot they have ever seen.
The animatronic work is hypersexualized, barely clothed, yet heavily spattered with black dirt. It stands in a small room, where a shiny pole fastens it through its belly to a large mirror. The robot dances lasciviously (...) (there is) a sinister tension (..) in the astonishingly graceful movements of her fingers (and)(...) in the black, evil eyes, which glimmer from behind a green Venetian mask.
The artist Jordan Wolfson, born in New York in 1980, had the robots constructed for half a million dollars by a special-effects studio in LA, and the seven-minute long programmed sequence leaves room for variations: (Female Figure) 2014 is, for example, fitted with a motion sensor to recognize when people enter or leave the room, allowing it to quietly observe them.

in http://www.spikeartmagazine.com/en/articles/jordan-wolfsons-robot-moment-terror

"Female Figure 2014" created by Jordan Wolfson

"Female Figure" is at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam 
until 23rd April 2017

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