terça-feira, 15 de novembro de 2016

Gill Clarke

Gill Clarke's Day 2016
Independent Dance, Siobhan Davies Studios, 15th November

"a day that celebrates the remarkable work of former ID co-director Gill Clarke and her continued legacy. Gill died on 15 November 2011 after many years of living with cancer. Her vision and ethical commitment continue to underpin ID’s work today."

Today I'm gratefully remembering Gill's somatic and multidisciplinary wide perception, 
her attentive touch either by actual touch during movement practice in the studio or by simple and clear phrasing_questioning... 
I am gratefully remembering Gill bringing books into the dance studio to read for us and to read with us, gathering research themes from other subject fields (sociology, anthropology, geography, neuroscience,...), books and questions to be embodied, integrated and reflected upon... 
She supported a community of independent dance artists... 
deeply nurturing our field... 
and continuously set up dialogues as listening-questioning practices, 
as mappings and reflective collective moments_movements


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