sexta-feira, 2 de setembro de 2016

Livestream: "Table Top Shakespeare Plays" 
by Forced Entertainment

The Complete Works schedule of plays (times are GMT):

Friday 2nd September
5pm Pericles
6pm Richard II
7pm All’s Well That Ends Well
8pm King Lear

Saturday 3rd September
5pm Much Ado About Nothing
6pm Henry IV Part 1
7pm The Comedy of Errors
8pm Antony and Cleopatra

Sunday 4th September
5pm Measure for Measure
6pm Henry IV Part 2
7pm The Merry Wives of Windsor
8pm Taming of the Shrew

Monday 5th September
5pm Julius Caesar
6pm Henry V
7pm Troilus and Cressida
8pm Hamlet

Tuesday 6th September
5pm Twelfth Night
6pm Henry VI Part1
7pm The Merchant of Venice
8pm Titus Andronicus

Wednesday 7th September
5pm Romeo and Juliet
6pm Henry VI Part 2
7pm Two Gentlemen of Verona
8pm As You Like It

Thursday 8th September
5pm Cymbeline
6pm Henry VI Part 3
7pm A Midsummer Night’s Dream
8pm The Winter’s Tale

Friday 9th September

5pm Othello
6pm Richard III
7pm Timon of Athens
8pm The Tempest

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