terça-feira, 5 de julho de 2016

grateful_integrating embodied memory 
from last week at independent dance with Bettina Neuhaus

"When we listen deeply to our relationship with the ground, our bodies open to new possibilities: we gain more breath and volume, become aware of details and can give rise to a wider spectrum of qualities in our dance.
Through aligning ourselves with gravity and using our weight, we find a deeper sense of our inner moving structures and our relationship to the space around us. As we open to the natural passages of movement that travel through our body, the flow of energy inspires ease and clarity within our actions and choices; we are ready to walk, roll, fall, curl, fold, dive, jump or fly.

Fully engaging in the ongoing dialogue between inner and outer awareness with fluid attention, leads to a compelling simplicity and significance in our dancing, whether alone, with a partner or in a group."

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