domingo, 10 de julho de 2016

"Attentional control and deliberate thought 
apparently draw on the same limited amount_capacity* of effort." 

Daniel Kahneman in "Thinking Fast and Slow"
* the original text presents here the word "budget" 

excerpt from "Human Motor Behavior: an introduction" 
by J. A. Scott Kelso, page 78

"Specialists in sport psychology often highlight the role of visual attention and visual processing in football. Effectiveness of multiple target tracking in football become a crucial component for many technical and tactical tasks: during the game the ability to focus attention in different objects (personal movements with the ball, actions of counterparts or goalkeeper) is strongly connected with the effectiveness of sport performance." 

in "Multiple target tracking in football: visual attention at different levels of football experience" by Alyona I. Rushko, Conference Paper, The 8th World Congress on Science and Football, Denmark, May 2015

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