terça-feira, 31 de maio de 2011

This is the beginning.
Dancing_being the movement and naming it. Naming it while sensing it, experience as seeing. Perceiving and sharing the dynamics of perception in movement.
Movement location, dislocation, transition and translation... being action and concentrated stillness. Staying and questioning.

The question arising from the immersion.


Staying with a state of movement.
Who/how am Ibody doing_being 'what is it this movement'? Who/how are you present?
Facing_perceiving the actions and the decisions that structure the history and cut_open
From this body and this habits and this communal conversation: meeting, making points, making starting points and boundaries; meeting processes that structure and question.

From the decision. Naming the decision. Accumulated history. The Mountain.

How does the 'The' become visible through the doing? How does it become palpable?

Presence. Presence. Look at the view.

This is a Dance.

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