quinta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2011


“Hello! I am the New Neighbor!”

How do you relate with this surprise?
This visit is happening and you have to deal with this stuff. Do something.
Yes, yes, you do stuff you do stuff but you don’t do anything. “Hello!”
Yes yes “First I was afraid I was petrified tra la la”.
Petrified with surprise. Bah. Do something.

This is this and that is that, this with this and that with that, this with
that and that with this, this is this with this with that,
this is what it is, was that it? Is that it? Is this it?
Pop Art magician-clown stuff box.
Tricks and words and songs. Stuff we share.
Shared landscape. Points and Bodies. Here. Now.
“I don’t believe in outer space”.
What do I want to do Now? Here. And you?
What do We Want to do Now? Here.

Magic, swap cups.
This has now disappeared.

Where? Where? Guess what stays.
Guess who stays. Stay. Stay. Look.
Present it: “and now you’re back from outer space la la la”.
That is still here.
Presentation and Attention. Attention and Presentation.
Play. Move. Stop. “As if by chance things could stop”. “As if
by chance”. “As if by chance” I am here. “As if by chance” you are here.
“As if by chance” we are still here.
Was that it? Is that it? Is this it?

Oh. The new neighbor comes in again through one of the dark doors:
- “Hello, I am the New Neighbor”
- ”Do you want some tea?” Eh eh eh. (I reply acting out the method.)
What? Is the method a thing? Is this thing working?
Do you recognize the song?
Do you recognize the words? “survive”? “outer”? “space”?
Play. Play. “There is no such thing as a research, only researchers.”. Play.
These are the laws, law and stuff. Back up. “Do you want some tea?”
I ll tell you the stuff of the drama. I ll make the stage direction clear for you.
Here is the didascalia. Do you see it?
Now please leave. We are dancing.

We are dancing. Can we be dancing and be caught up in a mass of abstractions?
Catch me in this mass of abstractions! Catch me in this mass. I am catching this.
I am here. We are here. Together. Together. Birds Flocking. Flocking. Flicking.

Here and Gone Here and Gone. This is it. This is it. Stop! Now slowly. Attention.

Relative movement. The meaning in movement. The meaning in the movement.

The meaning in the movement.
Blindfolded game. Blindfolded !? Game !?
Guess. Play. Move. Guess. Play. Search Move. Touch.
Slap and friction. Slap and friction. Name it. Can you feel it now? This stuff?
Slap and friction. Slap and friction. Name it. Can you feel it now?

Ah! Ah! Ah! We are laughing together. I like to do it with you. Togetherness.
This and this in this togetherness. How are we together as human beings?
We’ve been thinking together. Have we been thinking together?
These things are our responsibility. We need this. Do we need this? What?
Dependence. Dance. Dance. Ah! Ah?
Gambling the meaning in the relationship I create with, with me, with you, with
the thing, with me and the thing, with me with the thing,
with me with you with the thing, with you and you and them and us with the thing,
this and that in this togetherness. Flocking.
Flocking. Flicking.
How are we together as human beings?
How are we as Be ings?

I wrote this text_reflection_expression after experiencing "I don't believe in outer space"
by The Forsythe Company, at Sadlers Wells Theatre, London, on the 22nd February 2011


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