segunda-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2011

"After I went blind, I could never make a motion without starting an avalanche of noise. If I went into my room at night, the room where I used to hear nothing, the small wood statue on the mantelpiece made a fraction of a turn. I heard its friction in the air, as light a sound as a sound of a waving hand. Whenever I took a step, the floor cried or sang - I could hear it making both these sounds - and its song was passed along from one board to the next, all the way to the window, to give me the measure of the room. If I spoke out suddenly, the window-panes, which seemed so solid in their putty frames, began to shake, very lightly of course but distinctly. This noise was on a higher pitch than the others, cooler, as if it were already in contact with the outside air."

by Lusseyran in "And there was light"
quoted by Miranda Tufnell in "Widening Field"

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