terça-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2010


"Since Machiavelli politicians always known that the mastery of a simulated space is at the source of their power, that politics is not a real activity, but a simulation model, whose manifest acts are but actualized impressions. It is this blind spot within the palace, cut off from architecture and public life, which in a sense reigns supreme, not by direct determination, but by a sort of internal reversion, by an abrogation of the rules enacted in secret, as in primitive rituals. A hole in reality, an ironic transfiguration, an exact simulacrum hidden at the heart of reality, and on which the latter depends for its functioning. This is the secret of appearances."

"The manifest discourse has the status of appearance, a laboured appearance, traversed by the emergence of meaning. (...) What discourse must fight against is not so much the unconscious secret as the superficial abyss of its own appearance; and if discourse must triumph over something, it is not over phantasies and hallucinations heavy with meaning and misinterpretation, but the shiny surface of non-sense and all the games that the latter renders possible."

"All meaningful discourse seeks to end appearances:
this is its attraction. It is also an impossible undertaking."

by Jean Baudrillard in "Seduction"
chapter "Superficial Abysses"
Editions Galilée 1979, English Edition by New World Perspectives, 1990
Ed. St Martins Press NY

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