terça-feira, 23 de novembro de 2010


"The happy ending is the "other" of art.
In reality it is evil who triumphs, and there are only islands of good
where one can find refuge for a brief time.
Some works of Art are aware of this; they refuse
the unburdened happy end.
They must reject it for the reality of freedom lies beyond mimesis.
The sensuous force keeps the promise alive.
Autonomous art is condemned as infamous sensuality.
It's Beauty in its most sublimated form: political Eros.
The autonomy of art and its political potential manifests
themselves in the cognitive and emancipatory power of this sensuousness."

Text: Herbert Marcuse in "the aesthetic dimension"

Obrigado Cristina pelo link 1.

link 2: excerpt of Decreation,
choreography by William Forsythe
inspired on poetry, essay and opera by Anne Carson

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