segunda-feira, 1 de junho de 2009

A pause.

A non-authoritarian pause.

(The verbs used are not instructions or orders. Just suggestions.)

Lay down in the ground and accept that pause.
Suggested position: "constructive rest position":

image from "Dynamic alignment through imagery" by Eric Franklin

(sleeping already? if you need so, sleep... come to this later, this is an active rest,
you can choose to close your eyes or keep them open then, let the awareness of your body in a pause install...)

Meet the ground. Meet your body-mind.
Focus in yourself. Acknowledge your body-mind: breathing, pulsing, temperature,
body tensions, nervous tensions, stream of thoughts... Let them be. Accepting...

Do not disturb yourself with will.

Notice the flow, the breathing, the alive body-mind. No effort-will. Just being.

Notice that in this pause there is a glistening stillness, pregnant with possibilities.

As you enter the pause more completely, notice also that it become more spacious.
Allow yourself this space-time.

Thoughts, feelings and sensations, pleasant and unpleasant, arise and dissolve.

As you feel the expansion of that pause let your whole being fill it.
This is the root of breath. The inhalation is born of this stillness and the exhalation returns to this stillness.

Exhale without rush, without doing.Then comes a brief non-authority-over-yourself-pause. No eagerness.
Consequently the inhalation just happens.

Meeting your breathing...
The air is not a stranger. Let this be a non-authoritarian relationship with your breathing.

Forget time. Let intimacy flood you.

Enjoy your flow of calm breathing. Stay there without measuring the time. Let it sink. The time. Let it sink...
Curl as a non-born baby. Stay. Time doesn't exist.

Let it happen. Intimacy with yourself.


Gently awake. Start uncurling a little and touch your own body all around the surfaces you can reach.

Gently awakening... start to feel the extremities, fingers and toes, spreading and softly stretching...

then the limbs and the neck to head spreading as a growing sea star...

Essay some spirals twisting your body... find a way to seat without effort... stay...

then extend your spine, arms and legs as a cat uncurling up and stretching out through an open U....

Slowly get up, if you feel like it... using the least effort possible...

Softly stretch without giving this order to yourself.
Simply feel the body adjusting to the stand up position.
The face too is coming to an awake mood...

Accepting the outside world... smoothing and accepting noises, concerns, work projects deadlines, ...

A flexible awareness in-out-in-out...

Body-stream-mind-stream and outside perceptional stream co-exist and communicate.

Calm, thoughts and being-doing-being co-exist.


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