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"Words like "fantasy" or "surrealism", that only invert the guidelines of realism, clarify little. Fantasy too easily declines
into 'mere' fantasy; the clincher is the adjective "infantile". Where does fantasy, condemned by psychiatric rather than
artistic standards, end and imagination begin?
The ahistorical dreamlike landscape where action is situated, the peculiarly congealed time in which acts are performed
- these occur almost as often in science fiction as they do in pornography.
The emotional flatness of pornography is thus neither a failure of artistry nor a index of principled inhumanity.(...)
Pornography is a theatre of types, never of individuals.
The "obscene" is a convention. (...) The "obscene" is a primal notion of human consciousness, something much more
profound than the backwash of a sick society's aversion of the body.
I've urged that this spectacularly cramped form of the human imagination has, nevertheless, its peculiar access to some truth.
This truth about sensibility, about sex, about individual personality, about despair, about limits - can be shared when it
projects itself into art. (...) The poetry of transgression is knowledge."

Susan Sontag in "The Pornographic Imagination", essay, 1967

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