domingo, 12 de abril de 2009

Still from "Les 400 coups" by Truffaut, 1959
(Antoine and René at the Cinema)

I saw the film yesterday at BFI with A.
Then we had a good conversation about obedience, freedom, childhood, relationships patterns within school, within family, with authority,... A. told me about h/ young ex-students when she was teaching at Lebanon. Then J. joined us around a table with bread, cheese, honey and arabic coffee (that I tasted for the first time and I loved it). We ended up playing maths games on the table (remembering a program with the Maths teacher Marcus du Sautoy at BBC) and discussing probability, decisions and the mystery of important coincidences and memory. Those stories about the tricks from your 'magician' friend need more investigation, J., I enjoyed the part of the 'choreographed entity' hanging the white ball in the air while walking behind each person in the circle.
Yes, we should go all together to that Egyptian restaurant near Kings Cross with food to share in the centre of the table.

Thanks a lot for the coffee: it has a deep taste with cardamomo flavour and it's really strong!
I feel like Antoine running to meet the sea.

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